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One need, one solution

Created in 2020, RACE GROUP SAS is a company  service provider specializing in all applications directly or indirectly related to motorsports. It brings together 3 complementary and inseparable business sectors. The purpose is to offer high-level solutions and expertise for all players in the motorsports sector.

The raison d'être of RACE GROUP is clearly contextual  : the industrial and economic worlds are today  upset by recurring and anxiety-provoking phenomena  : economic crisis, crisis of confidence, health crisis. The resulting tensions and uncertainties affect and weaken the mobility and automotive sector as a whole. So this spills over into the niche market of motorsports as a whole.


This new situation will only strengthen and harden in the decades to come. To cope with this complicated context, motorsport players must constantly adapt . It is in this quest and this approach that RACE GROUP intervenes  : by allowing teams, manufacturers, small and medium-sized companies to benefit from skills and expertise "  top of the line  to achieve their goals, while mastering  their payroll and their investments. This "  no obligation  » to the commitment brings the necessary oxygen and the flexibility essential to the continuation or resumption of projects  : continue to innovate & produce by mastering  better the risks.

As a service company, the members of the RACE TEAM therefore have the mission of supporting you in your duties of results and achievement of objectives.  : this is the raison d'être of our entity. In parallel with each of your sedentary employees, or even at the head of your projects, the added value is the contribution of skills "  turnkey  ". Success, victory, customer satisfaction are not optional at RACE GROUP  : it is our goodwill. And this performance requirement directly benefits our customers.


Cédric MAZENQ was born in the heart of motorsport. Son of a car garage manager in the south of France, both a distinguished and popular driver in the Midi-Pyrénées region, he was immersed in the paddocks and service parks from his childhood.
A graduate engineer, he joined the Haute-Marne company PH Sport in 2007, to work as technical manager of the official Junior WRC programs. During this period, he won a European championship title in 2007 with Simon JEAN-JOSEPH, then official Citroën driver, and above all his first world championship title in 2008 with Sébastien OGIER, then a future French rallying hopeful.
He then officiated in the premier category, the WRC, being successively in charge of several internationally renowned drivers: Evgueny NOVIKOV, Sébastien OGIER (6 times WRC world champion), Dani SORDO, Kimi RAIKKONEN (2007 F1 world champion) , or Petter SOLBERG (2003 WRC world champion).
In 2014, he accompanied Citroën and Sébastien LOEB on the WTCC circuits. Three years which will give 6 new world titles to Citroën, drivers and constructors. Then he took over the overall technical direction there in 2016, before returning to the WRC.

Today, Cedric  has created its own structure, RACE GROUP, a company that offers "turnkey" skills for missions ranging from one-shot to complete integrations, offering its expertise to get the essentials: victory and return on investment .

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