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They trust us :

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"  Cédric was my engineer for several years. I have always appreciated his skill, both technical and human. He's a brilliant person with his head on his shoulders. In stressful situations, he stays the course to always find the best solutions.  »

Sébastien LOEB (9 x WRC World Champion) 

"  Cédric and I started our career more or less at the same time in the WRC, in Mexico 2008. Already he was a great help, and made me progress a lot technically. He taught me to describe the feeling I had at the wheel, to make it usable by the technical team. He's a winner  !  »

Sébastien OGIER (6 x WRC World Champion)

"  Cédric is a pure passion  ! He has motorsport running through his veins.  ! Rarely have I had such a committed engineer at my side, capable of spending hours and hours to optimize a detail. We did miracles with him as a small private team in 2011, going to mingle with factories that had much larger staffs and budgets.  »

Petter SOLBERG (1 x WRC World Champion, 2 x WRX World Champion)

"  Cédric is a perfectionist. We spent several seasons in the WTCC, where the team won everything. He was no stranger to this success  : he was the conductor of this fantastic team. He has this ability to federate the skills around him to get the best out of everyone.  »

Yvan Muller  (4 x WTCC World Champion)

"  Cédric was part of our team from 2007 to 2011. A pivotal period for the company, which successfully moved to the WRC stage. He was young but already very ambitious. He brought us a lot of methods and rigor that are still legion within our walls today. A true leader.  »

Bernard PIALLAT  (CEO of PH Sport)

"  Cédric came for an internship with us while he was still a student. I had no choice but to hire him as he had made himself indispensable to the team. His relational quality and his ability to work were already there. This is why I called on him again in 2019 to support me in the growth objective I had set for myself.  »

Olivier BOSSARD  (President of BOS Suspension)

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